Ally & Nick {LOVE} Downtown Toledo

I call my engagement sessions {LOVE} sessions and I’ve done so for years. WHY? because that’s what I’m capturing and preserving.. a couples’ LOVE. They could be engaged for months or even years, so that’s not what I’m photographing. I have always just wanted to show the LOVE between people whether it’s a couple, husband/wife, mother/child, father/son, family, sisters, brothers, you name it.

I never strive for perfection. I strive for emotion. Moments. Laughter. Tears. all of it. I want it all.

Even though this was an “engagement” session included with my wedding collections, these two adorable people have created another adorable human, their son Julian. A handful of a toddler with his own agenda, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him too! I did get some images of just mom and dad, but this guy stole the show, and I wanted to share their whole love story!

Allyson and Nick, I cannot wait to celebrate with you two and your families at your wedding in just six more months!

See you soon!


Cheers to Jenelle Ahmad HMUA

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  1. Elizabeth Toth

    Great pictures, Julie – very different than the run-of-the-mill types of pictures in years gone by. What memories for couples to have in the years to come. Added to that, looking forward to seeing the blog on their wedding at Nazareth Hall – so far the previewed pictures are awesome. You have great talent.


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Love, Julie