Cooper {lifestyle newborn}

It all started with this sweet little tie. Don’t you just love little boys looking dapper at 3 months old??


this little guy is typically the MOST smiliest baby everrrrrr, but not this day. No siree! But, in LIFESTYLE photography it’s not about making the child smile or getting them to look at the camera, it’s definitely about capturing the relation between baby and parents, emotions of love and pure bliss as a new mom or dad embrace their child.

For me, lifestyle is about snuggles, cuddles, playtime, buried in mom or dad’s chest, arms, neck… ahhh.. those moments that don’t happen after toddler years and certainly not in school age children. THIS ‘now’ moment, lifestyle, this is what its all about for me!


But, oh, come on, those baby blues!!!


This is one of my favorites of our time together! I LOVE the look on Jen’s face, I love the cuddles with Cooper, and Kyle looking on and over mom and baby in that protective manner only a father can do.


And, every cat owner needs a portrait of their feline friend, right? Thanks for sitting still these two seconds Zuess!

A great big huge thank you to Jen of Beautiful Blooms by Jen for allowing me into this time of her life as a new mommy! Cannot wait to watch Cooper grow into a little man of his own!! xo


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Love, Julie