Just For Clicks & how March is coming in like a Lion…

So much going on in March I just had to fill you in! Prepare… this may be a long blog post!

March 1st kicked off our wedding season with Jessica and Calvin’s wedding at the amazing

Hilton Garden Inn in Perrysburg. Calvin serves in our United States Air Force and I was honored to be chosen to capture their nuptials.


Second on the agenda was our very first official Just For Clicks beginner workshop held on March 2nd!

I do not consider myself a techie, nor do I think I’m the best at what I do. I simply LOVE what I do. And, I love LOVE.

Over the past few years I have been asked to host/teach a workshop. I actually did help a fellow photog teach one last year and it went pretty well. Then I started getting more inquiries about another. It was mostly “hey, can I just take you out to lunch and have you show me some things about my camera?” And as much as I love my friends and acquaintances, there is no way I could do that over and over. (especially since I have a business to run here!) So, I decided to offer a beginner mini workshop, teaching the basics of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Simple enough, right? Except that one thing leads to another and I just LOVE how it all works together and I want to keep going and going and going… sure to confuse these eager lil beavers!

The peeps that signed up for this class were amazing! (the image above is missing three attendees who had to leave early)

A handful of them have signed up for our Advanced JUST FOR CLICKS 2 on April 6, which will recap the basics, have a shoot out with a model, and learn basic workflow. I cannot wait to share more of what I know. After all, I have had FIVE local photographers start out working for me and have now started their own successful businesses. I guess I teach okay, eh???

{Annmarie & Chad, due with their first blessing April 9}

The third big thing happening around here is BABIES! Lots and Lots of babies being born in the next few months, and although I have photographed many live births in hospitals, this month~ in just a couple weeks~ I get to capture my first at home birth! Wahoo! So excited for a family welcoming their 5th child!

On a few personal notes, my oldest son has just left for his first six month deployment overseas, away from his wife and all of us. We have faith that God will care for him and keep him safe along with his fellow military brothers. As this happens, our youngest son will be completely Navy bootcamp and graduating in just a couple more weeks!! A week after that, our new son in law will be leaving to start his commission and Air force fighter pilot training. We ARE a military family! God bless them all!

I’m off to finish up some editing and get my sheets out of the dryer!






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Love, Julie