Sarah & Corey {a downtown LOVE session}


I met Sarah & Corey three weeks ago, and I’m spending the day with them Saturday to shoot their wedding! Typically clients book about a year or more in advance, but these two are on the ball and wasting no time!

Sarah works downtown Toledo and loves the whole atmosphere so it was a great location choice for their {LOVE} session!



Here is their story from Sarah;s heart:

Corey & I first met at a Music and Arts Festival in 2011 and it was not love at first sight. We reconnected a year later when we went to see one of our favorite musician duos play at the Clazel and then the journey really began. At the 2014 Rootwire Music & Arts Festival some magic really went down… I tried on a ring made by a wire wrap artist passing through with some very unique pieces of jewelry. Looking at it longingly, I said “If only I had an extra $100.00 to blow on something like this”. I turned my attention as the artist ventured away and Corey chased him down without me knowing to purchase that same ring. On July 20th, under the light of the stars and surrounded by the kindness and love of new friends, Corey swept me off my feet. Corey looked me in the eyes and said, “You know I’m going to love you forever right?”. I replied,”Of course, and I will love you forever too.” Then he popped the question. It took me completely by surprise when he pulled the ring out of his pocket and I realized what was happening. After giving several sweet kisses of disbelief and bliss we announced to our friends I said “YES!!” and everyone under the tent cheered! This weekend I have the honor and joy of marrying the man who has never failed to love me unconditionally and I absolutely can’t wait to be his wife who returns all of that love.




Why do I call it a {LOVE} session? Well, because often clients would tell me they have been engaged for a while and don’t need a session, or they’ve already had one done by a friend.
I firmly believe in getting to know my clients well before the wedding day so we can build a bond, click, and I can gain an understanding on what they like (and maybe don’t) well before the big event. I know I, myself, get SUPER nervous in front of a camera and need time to warm up! This way, clients come to know how I direct and gently guide to capture those fun yet natural looking moments! So, since I want to capture the {LOVE}, that’s what I call these sessions, because that’s what it’s all about! I love LOVE!

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Love, Julie