Sassy Secrets by JP Photography

Boudoir. Intimate. Sexy. Suggestive. Sensual. Sweet.

Although I have been photographing ‘boudoir’ photography for years, I feel it is just now being more accepted and sought after from brides, wives, moms.

More and more women are celebrating their bodies, and using these sessions as, not only a gift their husbands ADORE (I bet you can get him to clean up and do the dishes every night for months after giving him one of these books!) but as a celebration of themselves, their youth, of the body God gave them.

if you are thinking of booking a session, please note that it takes about 6 weeks for the session to be posted for viewing and for the book to come in. So give yourself some time, give yourself some confidence, and give me a call to book!

Sessions start at $350 for a mini session and go to $1050. Call or email for more info!

You can also check out the Sassy Secrets by JP photography page on FB!

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Love, Julie