Sweet Caroline {birth photography}

The birth of a child is magical, miraculous, emotional, beautiful, and a blessing. Next to weddings, capturing the live birth of a baby is my next favorite session to be a part of. Knowing how precious and intimate this time is, I am completely honored to be invited in to be a part of it and witness such a blessing.

The first few minutes, the first bath, the first cries, the first time meeting parents &  grandparents…

I cannot tell you how every time I get to photograph a birth I have to pinch myself because I’m still just so in awe of this wonder, and the honor of being invited to be a part of it! There are no words!

and…. then I get to hold the baby and of course, dad grabs the camera to snap a few shots of me!

If you would like to learn more about documenting the birth of your baby I’d be happy to explain how I photograph hospital as well as home births. Contact me via email or phone!


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Love, Julie