baby Zayna {lifestyle newborn}


I am not a newborn photographer by any means, but I do LOVE Lifestyle newborn photography~ I love when siblings get to hold the baby, gather around mom and dad, and I love seeing the awe and wonder of new life.


For me, LIFE is all about this: kids being kids. Lifestyle at its best… who wants to make kids sit and pose and smile at the camera?? If I can get it, great, but if they are busy bodies and wiggly giggly,  I take them as they are! Perfectly imperfect in every way.


These moments are some of my faves.. the ones where kids can just be kids and do what they do..


Have I mentioned how much I adore feet photos??! When our children were growing up I would always compare their feet. I just loved seeing them grow! Kinda like one measures the height of a child, I would marvel at my kids’ feet!

Remember what I said above about trying to make kids pose and smile?? Yeah, not happening here.. LOL


new. LIFE.

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Love, Julie