Darla & Andrew {engaged}


when your couple runs a dairy farm where else do you photograph them? You got it!

I had so much fun with these two! It was very cold with crazy winds but we made the most of it and they brought! Darla and Andy, I cannot wait for your wedding next month!


Andrew is all about his John Deeres and has a collection of them so, of course we had to use the ring on one :)


Yummy light… YES PLEASE!


There is meaning behind this hat… you’ll learn more when I post wedding images next month! and I should have used a higher F stop to get the name above the barn but I’m so used to shooting wide open for a shallow depth!

My assistant Alaysia grabbed this BTS (behind the scenes) shot of me doing my thang! not the most flattering, but hey, now you know! I rock my shoot sac (the camera/lens bag hanging to my right) at every session! love that thing so much we have two!




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Love, Julie