Gretchen & Chad { Zeke’s Birth Story}

This week I got to photograph not one birth but TWO, and neither of them knew what they were having until baby was born! I LOVE that!

Defiance Regional is only one local hospital that I know of that still uses real ink to do foot prints. I think I’m going to start carrying an ink pad because these images steal my heart so!


I wasn’t allowed in OR this time, which I am totally bummed about but.. smaller hospital.. so I sent my camera in with Chad and asked him to get certain shots. He did really good! And a nurse even grabbed this image above of Chad and Gretchen seeing baby boy for the first time.


This next image of Chad in the hallway though… they did allow me back in recovery and I was able to capture this sweet moment, Chad still with tears in his eyes as he swooned over his son.

Big sister Millie, whose birth I was also present for to captureĀ  a year and a half ago, was the first to come in and meet Zeke David.

Then the grandparents were brought in. Remember, know one knew what the gender was. Their reaction was pure excitement and surprise!

I’ll be posting a slideshow as time allows, so keep following the blog and JP BIRTH Photography Facebook pages!

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Love, Julie