Medina baby birth story

I have known the Medina family since , well, before they were a family. Jenny’s family and our family have attended the same church for about 15 years. I remember Jenny as a teenager in the youth group at church and what a ‘tom boy’ she was, into sports and all non girlie things!

When Jenny met Matt and fell in love I think the whole church celebrated! I was chosen as the lucky one to photograph it. A couple years later when it was time for baby number one to arrive they asked if I would photograph the birth. OF COURSE! And the best part?? They didnt want to know the gender of the baby until the birth. Micah was born healthy and strong, followed a couple of years later by his little brother Joshua.

Four years later and, well, its time to head to the hospital again for baby number three! Will it be a boy? a little sister for the boys to love on?

As the boys anxiously awaited the arrival of their sibling…

I am always SO HONORED when someone chooses me to photograph special times in their lives, and the birth of their baby is super special! Private moments, intimate moments. What a gift!

Its a girl!!!

Jaylee Medina was born within an hour of Jen and Matt arriving to the hospital! jenny had been in labor most of the day and didnt realize the pain was so bad. She was a trooper and went ‘au natural’ , no drugs, no epidural! And when Jaylee came out everyone was pleased to see girl parts! But Jenny later looked at her and said ‘What am I supposed to do with this?” LOL It was quite hilarious, and soon teh room with filled with pink gifts everywhere!

Sweet baby dreams…

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Love, Julie